Sunday, October 29, 2006

Train Wreck!

September 6th: Some of us have trouble with vehicles that don't follow you when they're supposed to. But when a railway has that kind of trouble --- the results can be impressive! We were just toodling down Hwy 17 near a place called Spragge, when we came across this:

These boxcars took a beating:

The derailment must have happened a day or so earlier, as the line has been cleared and repaired, but the wrecks have not been removed.

A few hundred meters east of the wreck, some MOW equipment is parked on a siding. On our return (about two weeks later) we noticed several work crews along the line between here and Sudbury. Perhaps the HCR decided they needed to do some maintenance, to prevent further mishaps?


Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Hey Steve. All I can say is "Wow"! Pretty spectacular images of the wreck's aftermath. It's amazing how these events never seem to happen on our model railroads! (Big grin!)

13/11/06 5:50 pm


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