Saturday, November 11, 2006

GMD1 in the Soo

Mike Hamer recently posted some pictures of the Edmonton railyards taken on his cross-country VIA odyssey. Among these are shots of CN GMD1s (third and fourth pictures down). So I thought I'd trot out these close-ups of a GMD1u that was operating at the north end of Steelton yard last fall, as our Algoma Central train returned to Sault Ste. Marie.


Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Hey Steve, Great to see your fabulous pics of this rather unique diesel locomotive!

When you took the shot, were you on board another engine? The images are fabulous!

13/11/06 5:47 pm

Blogger Steve Watson said...

Not an engine, Mike: we were in the open rear vestibule of the passenger train. We spent about half the trip, to Hearst and return, hanging out back there, taking pictures (that's also where I took last year's OVAR front-page picture of the McKay Falls bridge/dam).

Anyway, our train stopped for several minutes after entering the yard, and this GMD1 just happened to come out there to switch to a different track. It is an odd-looking engine, isn't it? I wondered if it might be a European import until I looked it up in Trackside Guide.

13/11/06 6:47 pm


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