Sunday, March 25, 2007

Interlude With Waterfalls

September 11-12: Between leaving Duluth in late morning, then stopping in Two Harbors to have lunch take a few more pictures, we realized we weren't going to make Thunder Bay that night. (BTW, Two Harbors is a place where you particularly want to avoid legal trouble, or you might have to hire these people to get you out of it:)

The great thing about touring in the off-season is the campgrounds are rarely crowded, so we just picked a place out of the tourist info we had, and stopped around 3pm at Cascade River State Park, only about 100 miles up the Lake Superior North Shore from Duluth. This is a beautiful spot where the Cascade River flows several miles through a narrow slit of a gorge before passing under the highway bridge and emptying into Lake Superior.

Below is our campsite at Cascade River. On the left is our rolling motel -- a functional and comfortable trailer from Escape Trailers of Chiliwack, BC. On the right of the picture is the 75 watt solar panel that keeps the battery charged when we're camping without services. It's great to feel just that little bit self-sufficient -- but still completely comfortable.
After a peaceful night and a couple of hikes up the gorge, we leave Minnesota and re-enter Canada, camping Tuesday night at Kakabeka Falls (the "Niagara of the North"), about 30km west of Thunder Bay.

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