Monday, April 30, 2007

Open House at Walkley Yard

Almost every spring, the Ottawa Central Railway puts on an open house as part of the railway-safety program. And for some mysterious reason, in most years the weather is crappy that day. Mike Hamer and the Friday Night Group sensibly went early before things got too wet. By the time we arrived, the intermittent drizzle had turned to steady rain. Oh well.

The Bytown Railway Society had a few pieces from their collection out, including this coal-fired steam crane, shown in operation in these video clips I shot (the background noises are from the OCR locomotive giving cab rides):

Meanwhile, it looks like Trevyn and Adina are still trying to get to Squamish......

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Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Hey Steve, The weather looks perfect...if you're a seal! Trains are fun in any kind of weather...although, I guess God isn't a railfan of the OCR!

1/5/07 11:59 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, I met you and your wife at Ledges Campground and we were on the train ride on the Boon scenic valley railroad. I was the guy with the crappy camera.
I did get some good pictures though. You are in some of them.
Hope you had a good time in Iowa even though the weather was poor.
I too have just turned 50. Wish we could have talked more. I mostly talked to your wife though I didn't catch your names.
You like trains I like nature, I like trains too but I had the good fortune while haking on the day after the train ride to see 2 really large snapping turtles having a battle in a pond. It was quite a sight but the pictures of the event didn't turn out well. I took movies with my digital camera but it is not substitute for a movie camera.
I live next to Mcbride State park and I have 2 kayaks and a boat. If you are ever near Iowa city look me up.

Hope you both had lots of funon your vacation.
email is

6/9/07 5:30 pm


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