Monday, July 09, 2007

Advice for Blogging Model Railroaders

Ran across this list of The 20 Blogging Commandments. They're all good and/or humorous advice, but the last one caught my eye (emphasis mine):
20. Though it is a Place only whispered about, it is not Blasphemy to proclaim unto you: from Time to Time it is necessary to enter that Purgatory known as Off-line. Just as ye would not remain in the Basement and play with your Choo-choo Trains for Weeks on end, so too must ye leave your Laptop closed and venture forth into the wider World in search of Sustenance.
That phrase in bold puzzled me: I mean, wouldn't we stay in the basement with our trains for weeks, if we could? (Like, having to earn a living is such a drag, no?) But practical considerations aside, what should any self-respecting model railroader do except play with trains, and occasionally tell the blogosphere about the latest project or ops session?

Then my eye fell on that last word, "Sustenance", and I understood. It means that we should at intervals emerge to attend events like the OVAR dinner meetings, or go out to lunch with the SLD guys in between the morning clinics and afternoon layout tours.

Now it all makes sense.


Anonymous ian in hamburg said...

Hi! Why have I noticed your post only now? No matter - you gave me a good laugh this morning.

BTW - I'm not a model railroader, but used to be a real one! At various times during my youth I worked for the CNR, BC Rail and Via Rail. Still in the blood though - why fly when you can take a train?

31/10/08 4:22 am


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