Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catching up to the train at Schreiber

Yeesh -- five months since I've blogged here AND a whole new vacation come and gone, before I've even finished last year's railfan pictures! Without further ado, here's a dump of a bunch of stuff from the tail end of the September 2006 trip.

Camping at Rossport, overlooking Lake Superior, on a drizzly day we hiked up the hill to the CP line, in time to catch this freight coming through:

Then we drove into Schreiber and found the same train doing a little switching:

The town seems to be putting together a small railway museum on the edge of the yard, with this retired S3 and other equipment:

From the old to the new: these AC units came through hauling a westbound stack train, and paused at the depot.

Leaving Rossport and continuing east, we caught this train just off the Trans-Canada, near Terrace Bay (pity about the weather, but what can you do?):

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