Sunday, December 16, 2007

End of the line!

The picture shows the remains of the old ore terminal at Michipicoten Harbor on Lake Superior. Here, the Algoma Central Railway trans-shipped iron ore onto lake boats from the mine at Wawa, a few miles to the east. However, the mine closed in 1998, and the Michipicoten branch was abandoned.

Looking in the other direction (below), we see the right-of-way, its rails now lifted. There's not much left now at Michipicoten -- just a few cottages and a gravel pit.

A few miles inland from Wawa is Hawk Junction -- where the branch met the ACR mainline. Obviously, Hawk is no longer a junction, but there is still a small yard, and the passenger train pauses here for a little while. The place looked empty the day we drove up, just a few strings of lumber cars parked in the yard:

Also, one item of possible modelling interest: flat cars mounted with propane tanks. For what? Thawing switches in mid-winter, perhaps?

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