Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rusty Spikes

Last week's OVAR meeting was a little different. Instead of the usual illustrated talk on trains, we had a musical presentation by several members, singing a medley of railroad songs, accompanied by a slide show of train images:
I won't say how great we were because that would be, like, boasting. But I had fun, despite breaking a guitar string half-way through the third song. Kudos to Mike Hamer and Brian Earl for putting the whole thing together!

Here's the whole gang:

L to R: John Stewart, Gerry Berrigan, Bob Hobbs, Mike Hamer, Steve Watson, Brian Earl, Timothy Bowden, Fred Adams, Chris Lyon, John Howard.
Missing: Narrator Don Leger.

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Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Hey Steve! Great pics! I had a blast player guitar in the band. You were were all the others!

Mike Hamer

21/10/08 4:45 pm


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